Five Years Of WeatherBrains

Are you kidding me? The little show we started in January 2006 is now five years old.

Most of you know I work a pretty rigorous TV/Radio/Internet schedule during the week; I am up at 4:52 a.m. weekdays, and don't get home until around midnight. The radio and TV work is very structured, and doesn't leave much room to be creative.

After seeing Leo Laporte's success with podcasting, I figured it was time to crank up an Internet show about weather. I would gather some friends and just have a little fun for an hour every week. I honestly didn't care if anybody listened.

I convinced David Black to host and produce the show, and we brought in my Weather Company associates J.B. Elliott, Bill Murray, and Brian Peters. Later, Kevin Selle and Dr. Tim Coleman would become show regulars, and I would take over the hosting duties for David.

After WeatherBrains was about one year old, the James Spann-Heidi Cullen war was sparked thanks to a Drudge Report link to one of my blog posts, and before you know it our numbers skyrocketed due to the publicity generated for those few weeks in early 2007.

Over the years we have had a remarkable series of guests (the REAL weather brains)... people like Chuck Doswell, Tom Skilling, Gary England, Roy Leep, Bill Gray, Dave Schwartz, Al Pearson, Jim Cantore, Joe Bastardi, and so many others.

The show has expanded to 90 minutes, and certainly a little more higher maintenance now due to so much content, but it is still the creative outlet I needed. It is a labor of love, and I hope we can keep it going for many more years.

You can check out the 5th anniversary show here: (episode 262)

And, of course, all of the other episodes are available on the web and iTunes. For those of you that do listen, thanks for being part of the WeatherBrains family!