Hottest Day of 2007

| August 8, 2007 @ 8:11 pm | 10 Replies

A list of high temperatures across Alabama on this August 8:

86 Hamilton Sky Cam
91 Gulf Shores Sky Cam
93 Mt. Cheaha Sky Cam
96 Mobile, Crossville
97 Gadsden Sky Cam, Fort Payne Airport
98 Jemison, Demopolis, Downtown Birmingham Sky Cam, Bankhead National Forest
99 Bluff Park, Clay, Dothan, Clanton Sky Cam, Tuscaloosa Sky Cam, Desoto State Park, Meridianville, Cullman Airport
100 Crumly Chapel, Fayette, Auburn, Decatur, Muscle Shoals, Troy, Demopolis Sky Cam, Albertville, Decatur Airport, Huntsville/UAH
101 Cottondale, Greystone Farms, Vinemont, Evergreen, Huntsville Airport
102 Alabaster, Birmingham Airport, Shelby County Airport, Tuscaloosa Airport
103 Vestavia, East Trussville (Jay Shelly, NWS retired) Meadowbrook, Anniston Airport, Montgomery Airport, Pinson

100 Nashville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Norfolk, Paducah, Oklahoma City, Greensboro
101 Atlantic City
102 Baltimore, Charlotte, Evansville, Ind., Las Vegas, Louisville, Macon, Raleigh, Washington
105 Columbia, S.C.
106 Phoenix, Yuma, Ariz.
104 Richmond
100 Roanoke, St. Louis
110 Death Valley (highest in the USA)

28 this morning at Stanley, in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho

Low this morning was 82. That is the warmest overnight low in any month and Atlanta records go way back to 1878.


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  1. Wallace Williams says:

    101 in Cottondale today.

  2. At 9 PM tonight, the temp at the Birmingham air port was still 90! This is un-real!

  3. Bill in Vigo says:

    High here in Vigo 971 with a low this morning of 72.7 and no rain. after reading some of the other highs it dosen’t look so bad sure wish I could get a wetbulb reading would be nice for sure . would like tto have the heat index also.


  4. Bill in Vigo says:

    PS is currently 81 in Vigo

  5. We had 91 at 8:30 this evening after we got out of church….

    Here at 10:15 pm, it’s 83.6 degrees…WOW! 🙂

  6. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Being in a rural area with high elevation, we have dropped from a high of 101 to 78.6 at 10:18. I think the woods and the elevation allow our temp to drop faster than it does in the city.

  7. A Friend says:

    This heat is nothing compared to what our troops are dealing with in Iraq…and no one is shooting at us!!! I have friends over there who would welcome a day that only made it to 100. But it’s summertime in the South and this heat is nothing new. Please remember our troops when you go outside tomorrow and start wiping sweat off your forehead. One more thing,even my brown grass looks better than sand…and camel spiders.

  8. Victor says:

    You’ve got that right, our troops over there need our prayers and support.

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