Dean Is Inland For Now

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An all new edition of the ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video is available in the player below, and on iTunes…

Hurricane Dean moved into the Yucatan peninsula this morning near Chetumal, Mexico. Here are some facts from NHC:

*Dean was still strengthening at the time of landfall
*Dean is the first hurricane to be at category five status at the time of landfall since Andrew in 1992
*The central pressure of 906 mb is the ninth lowest on record for an Atlantic basin hurricane
*Dean has the third lowest pressure of an Atlantic basin hurricane at the time of landfall, behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane in the Florida Keys, and Hurricane Gilbert in 1988

Dean will emerge back into the Bay of Campeche later today in a greatly weakened state, and will make the final landfall on the Mexican coast well to the south of the United States tomorrow.

OTHER TROPICAL NEWS: The system north of Puerto Rico is still disorganized this morning; but it still has the potential to become Tropical Storm Felix… scroll down for Tim Coleman’s notes on this system. The NAM, the Canadian GEM, and the BAM tropical suite of models, bring this thing in the direction of the Florida peninsula later in the week…. then potentially into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned.

AROUND HERE: Hot and dry are the two words for mid-week as the upper air ridge grows stronger right on top of us. Lots of sun; the high each afternoon through Thursday near 100. The ridge is beat down a bit by the weekend, and a few afternoon showers and storms will most likely show up by Friday and the weekend.

Next week will not be as hot, and it looks like we should have an opportunity for scattered afternoon convection on a daily basis. And, of course, the wild card is the potential tropical system that might move into the northeast Gulf of Mexico early in the week.

WEATHER BRAINS: Don’t forget you can listen to our weekly 30 minute netcast anytime on the web, or on iTunes. This is the show all about weather hosted by David Black and featuring many familiar voices, including our meteorologists here at ABC 33/40. We recorded an all new episode last night; the show notes will be posted here a little later this morning, but the new show is available for download.

WEATHER PARTY: Get all the latest weather news over on our sister site, Be sure and register while you are there; you can submit stories and vote on them to determine what is published on the front page. Plenty to read over there as usual…

I am off to Bibb County this morning; I will be speaking to the senior adults at Bibb Medical Center. I will be back in the office by early afternoon, and the afternoon edition of the Weather Xtreme video will be up by 3:30 or so. Enjoy the day!


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