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| December 4, 2007 @ 9:21 pm | 10 Replies

Thanks to Nathan Kilger from Washburn, Wisconsin for these images… he writes:

“ABC 33/40,

I live in far northern Wisconsin, along the south shore of Lake Superior and Chequamegon Bay. I’ve been occasionally posting to a blog I created that deals with weather in this part of the world. One of your watchers came across my site and has been following along on the latest snow storm (Dec 1 & 2). It was this watcher, Mike W, that has encouraged me to send some pictures to you.

The first four pictures are around the house, the last two are taken down at the end of the driveway. One is looking back up the driveway at my tracks, and the second is looking up the road after the plow did a preliminary pass.

I measured 9″ of snow in that storm, another 3″ fell that night. As of nightfall today, I had 14″ on the ground, but heavy snow has been falling throughout the evening. Lake-effect snow is forecast to bring another 5 – 10 inches tonight as a clipper slides southeast past the region. A Heavy Snow Warning has been issued until 6:00 Wednesday morning.”


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James Spann is one of the most recognized and trusted television meteorologists in the industry. He holds the AMS CCM designation and television seals from the AMS and NWA. He is a past winner of the Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year from both professional organizations.

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  1. Great photos and thanks for sending them. The only way we see snow in Birmingham is from folks who send up photos. 🙁

  2. Victor says:

    A winter wonderland, looks like something out of a travel guide. I am so envious. Thanks for sharing

  3. Victor says:

    Fantastic photos, just like a story book winter wonderland, I am so jealous

  4. Acid Reign says:

    …..Man, does that look INVITING! I could use some snow! I can report that this afternoon, at the West Oxmoor tennis courts, it was sweltering at 4 PM. Especially if you’re trying to chase down my son’s spin-serves…

  5. Todd Linsmeyer says:

    Great Pictures…. reminds me of where I grew up…. Good old Butternut!!

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