An Interesting Experiment!

| December 18, 2007 @ 8:19 pm | 22 Replies

This came in via e-mail this afternoon… I thought it was worth posting on the blog…

“I had to let you all know about an experiment my 12 year old son tried last Saturday during the high winds. We had several helium filled latex balloons left over from a party Friday night. My son decided to put our address, phone number and a note that said “if you find this call”. He put the information on a white balloon with a black sharpie. He released the balloon from our front yard, in Northport at approximately 12:30pm on Saturday. We really didn’t even think about it again. Well, Sunday afternoon when we returned from church and lunch there was a message on our voice mail. When my husband checked it we were in disbelief.

A lady from PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA had called while we were in church and said she found the balloon. We could not believe it…so I immediately called her. She said that she was driving home Saturday night at around 9:00 CST and saw the white balloon with black writing next to a creek and she pulled over to get it. She thought it was a hoax but she said she had to call our number anyway. We are so astounded that the balloon survived and made it to Pennsylvania within just a few short hours. It was just a simple latex balloon from the store filled with helium.

We have told our friends and my son has tried telling everyone at school but as you might imagine, no one really believes us. It is absolutely true. We thought you might find this very interesting.

Thanks, Sonia Johnson”


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