White Christmas? 5% chance.

| December 21, 2007 @ 11:47 am | 12 Replies


I’m not giving up yet, but things are not looking promising now. I think James has got me.

Canadian, what has been the most aggressive with snow, still shows some cold air, but no precipitation now.

GFS shows some light precipitation Christmas Eve night, but the cold air in Tennessee.

European not showing significant surface development, but still shows upper trough coming in.

NOGAPS still showing upper-level trough, but not enough cold air or any precipitation.


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  1. Amber says:

    Now Tim don’t tell me that. Keep the hope alive, we all know the models will be different tomorrow.
    I refuse to give up, not yet.
    Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Thanks.

  2. Matt Marshall says:

    Ha ha! Good sound file…classic Barn.

    I’ve got a couple of good ones to send to you. I’ll email them.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Margie Richardson - Rainbow City says:

    Wheres Stephanie when you need her to do the snow dance…paging Stephanie, please pick up the white courtesy phone…IT’S TIME TO DANCE!!

  4. Bob says:

    I have come to a conclusion that it will never snow heavily in Alabama again. Im just gonna come to grips with it and hope that reverse psychology will work. No more snow! 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    When in doubt, turn to Deputy Fife!

  6. Tagat says:

    Come on Tim, you are our biggest wishcaster u where suppose to up it to 20% today!

  7. logan says:

    Hey, maybe not a white christmas but big deal. I’ll take snow whenever I can get it! Speaking of which, anyone check out the latest run of the GFS out in voodoo country? Suggests flurries for the first few days of JAN. Let’s see…. .5 inches over 3-4 days= 1 1/2 -2 inches! WOOHOO BLIZZARD TIME. ….. LQTM (Laugh quietly to myself). Aside from that, it is interesting to note that during that time frame it also shows us down below -10C that’s pretty chilly. Thats like,

  8. Andy too says:

    I have a cunning plan. We bulldoze Birmingham and replace it with a deep and wide reservoir. Then, at least Shelby Co can enjoy lake-effect snowfalls.


  9. logan says:

    00z run shows snow for the northern 1/8- 1/10 of the state…. flurries I think. new run shows big snow storm shortly after new years …. i knew it would change. but hey in the good way… now i sit here n wait on the 06z….. then the 12z ….. then the 18z ….. it’s like christmas every 6 hrs …. lol. cept the grinch keeps taking our snow …

  10. morgan from springville alabama says:

    LET IT SNOW!!!!!! We definately need snow this winter!! I really dont care whether its on christmas or not!!!! I just want some snow!!!…lol{laugh out loud}Oh well we will wait and see!!!!!

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