Severe Weather Threat Increasing

| December 28, 2007 @ 11:10 am | 17 Replies

Much of Central Alabama is now in the warm sector of our low pressure system located over Missouri.

Dewpoints have come up to 63F at Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, 64F at Calera and Alexander City.

A new added problem is clearing skies over South Central Alabama. The termperature at Montgomery has soared to 75F.

CAPE values are coming up over South Alabama and will continue to increase.

Wind shear values are highest over the northern half of the state, where 0-1 km helicity values are above 450 m2/s2.

A tornado watch is in effect until 6 p.m. CST for much of Central, Southern and Eastern Alabama.

Thunderstorms will increase ahead of the front and these have the potential to become supercellular and severe. They could produce tornadoes.

In addition, as the line of storms moves into the increased instability, they are intensify. The high wind shear values will allow individual storms in the line to rotate and become severe. Wind damage and isolated tornadoes are possible.


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Bill Murray is the President of The Weather Factory. He is the site’s official weather historian and a weekend forecaster. He also anchors the site’s severe weather coverage. Bill Murray is the proud holder of National Weather Association Digital Seal #0001 @wxhistorian

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  1. Bill in Vigo says:

    Here in Vigo, extreme NE Calhoun county, it has become quite windy and the skies are partialy clearing. The temp has risen to 64.0 and is rising rapidly……
    It could get very interesting later.


  2. Matt Padgett says:

    Thanks for the update Bill. Temperatures are now up to 64 degrees as well! I am am concerned now. Storm total so far in Moody is 0.49 inches. Will keep you posted on conditions here. Thanks for you and J.B. staying on top up this.

  3. helenaweatherbuff says:

    Temp up to 66 here in Helena. DP of 64. The sun isnt out however.

  4. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Great coverage guys…any storm reports yet?

  5. adam wiggins says:

    here in odenville its 66 degrees outside so things might get interesting im also noticung a warm breeze

  6. Zachary in Blackwater Macedonia says:

    ‘Tis never a good sign when the dewpoint is nearly 10* higher than the date’s average high temperature… if this were a classic spring event, I can hardly imagine how bad it could be! Gusty winds and some intermittent rainfall in northern Walker County; temp 65* and dewpoint 64*.

  7. SCOTT!!! says:

    What CAPE map are you looking at?

  8. Matt Padgett says:

    Hello Mike Wilhelm,

    The coverage from J.B., Bill Murray and the weather watchers is always good to see. I haven’t heard of any damage reports yet but I suspect when the front passes through there could be quite a few trees uprooting. It has become a lot more unstable with rising temps so hopefully no supercells form ahead of the front. Will have to pay close attention for about six more hours and then the front should pass.

  9. Danny Hill says:

    The line to the south may choke our moisture again!!

  10. Acid Reign says:

    …..Making the pilgrimage to Crazy Bill’s at Brookhighland was weird, weird weather, today. When I left Homewood, I hit a torrential, blinding downpour about at the water works plant. By the time I got to the Summit, it had let up some. By the time I got to Brookhighland, it had stopped completely, and strange cloud formations, dragging little gray trailing things underneath, were sweeping by at a pretty good clip. I came out of Crazy Bill’s $188 later, and the sun was peeking through. The further north I drove on the way back home, the darker it got.

    …..We’re at 65.3 degrees in Homewood, right now, and we’re getting little 10 MPH wind gusts. I don’t think this is over, yet!

  11. LInda says:

    we have 66 here in Tuscaloosa with a dew point of 64. is it bad with the temp and dew point being so close?

  12. Bill Murray says:

    CAPE is surface based CAPE from SPC meso analysis page…values now > 500 j/kg over SW quarter of Alabama up into the Montgomery area…

  13. Matthew says:

    Spent last night in hernando, ms, about 30 mins south of Memphis, TN…had a strong line of storms come through overnight, but no damage reported.


  14. mark says:

    It will be interesting to watch the dewpoint here in the next couple of hours. The last hour it was 64 degrees in B’ham. That’s getting into the pretty juicy range. If it continues to rise and the line gets here in the peak heating hours, (2 or 3 PM), then we might have an issue.

    I noticed that the dewpoints down south have actually decreased. That was surprising to me? Any idea why?

  15. Matt Padgett says:

    Hamilton,Al SkyCam showing a temperature of 51 degrees,wind gust of 32MPH
    Mt.Cheaha,AL SkyCam showing a win gust of 49MPH

    The front is seems to be moving at supersonic speeds! I suspect some trees will come down. So be careful if your outside.

  16. Acid Reign says:

    This kind of weather scares me, pray for me today 🙁

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