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| January 29, 2008 @ 10:01 pm | 21 Replies

Reports are coming in fast and furious of trees and power lines down tonight.

Amazingly, it does not involve severe thunderstorms.

Instead, it is one of the strongest cold fronts we have seen in many moons crossing the state tonight. Numerous trees and power lines are down over a number of counties.

Indeed, after all is said and done, the damage tonight may equal a fairly significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms. Just a few late reports as examples:

* Alabaster Fire Department reports power line blown down on their roof at 9:55 pm.

* 9:55pm – Dekalb County EMA reports at 9:40 pm trees down along Dekalb County Road 742 near Ider.

* 9:54pm – EMA office in Cullman County reports barn destroyed on Alabama State Rt. 157 near Battleground in the extreme northwest part of the county.

* 9:35pm – Blount County EMA reports trees down in Oneonta. Also trees down along County Road 49 four miles northeast of Blountsville between US 231 and Alabama 79. At 9:40 pm, trees down 3 miles northeast of Hayden also in Blount County.

* Chelsea Fire Department report tree across Hwy 39. A car hit the tree with a possible injury.

* Dekalb County EMA reports trees down and power outages around the city of Ft. Payne

* 9:00pm – Cullman County EMA reported travel trailer damaged on County Road 747 east of Cullman

This is only a fraction of the reports. As the wind picks up in your community, please go to a place of safety and if you MUST drive, please be extremely careful especially around trees.


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  1. Coppertop says:

    Where’s the front located now?

  2. djb says:

    About 50% of the vinyl siding has been shredded from one side of my apartment here in Tuscaloosa. Wish I had an anemometer. My apartment is located about a quarter mile south of Lowes on highway 69. Winds are still howling but nothing compared to earlier.

  3. Rick Roberts says:

    Peak wind so far 57mph…Cordova(Union chapel)Walker Co. Power flickering.

    Can someone point me to a past post a few days to a week ago about plate size snowflakes somewhere in the midwest or maybe Wymoing in the 1800s? Trying to find it for someone else but I’ve looked and its bypassing me.


    Rick Roberts

  4. Jon says:

    Power reported out in parts of Crestwood (Birmingham). I think I heard a transformer go “boom”….

  5. John G says:

    Strong gusty winds in Vincent over the last 15-30 minutes. Swirling winds as well. Looking at the radar, there is a line of rain 30 miles SE of here. Very rough estimation of gust wind speeds into the 40 mph range, give or take. Garbage cans and plastic lawn chairs sliding about and such.

  6. David says:

    Tree just barely missed our house here in Mt. Olive.

  7. Winds seem to be on the calmer side now here in Pinson, and power hasn’t flickered in around 30 minutes.

    Rick – The largest snowflake ever was measured at 8 inches by 15 inches in 1887 – it apparently fell in Montana. It was said to be larger than milk pans – whatever they are.

    That’s a big snow flake!

  8. John G says:

    Update from Vincent: Trees cracking in the woods across the street from my house. Power is holding, for now.

    Also, the weatherstripping around my front door is howling. Sounds like a kazoo or a cow in labor. Freaking the cats out.

  9. Acid Reign says:

    …..Here near Brookwood Mall, in Homewood, we have zilch. Nada. Our highest wind gust this evening is 19.2 MPH. We’ve had a period or two of good, ground soaking rain, but no wind. There are still green oak leaves hanging on, hoping for spring.

  10. Austin says:

    Major wind just came through at my house in Hoover. I thought it was a tornado it was blowing so hard. I ran to the computer to check the 33/40 radar and to my amazement there was not a shower in sight! WOW!

  11. tara says:

    Whew! Wind is picking up here in Oxford, it’s howling every couple minutes…

  12. MH from Huntsville says:

    Power is out in downtown Huntsville now.

  13. Carter says:

    I’m in Bluff Park and the wind just doesn’t want to let up. I’m not even certain the intensity has dropped very much. Last time I went out almost all the clouds were gone and there was a sky full of bright stars.

  14. Lindsey says:

    I’m in the mood to listen to “Against the Wind”… 🙂

  15. Ryaninhelena says:

    wind still howling here in helena just measure 41 mph. and looks like dark areas north and south of us so the power is out for alot of people. Still seeing alot of glows from the transforemers blowing.

  16. Vic Bell says:

    We appear to have gotten off pretty light here in Etowah County…..don’t believe the winds were much over 40 mph in my area of NE Etowah County…..We had one tree go down & only heard of about 3 other departments toned out for trees.

  17. shep says:

    lindsey-if this keeps up-you may be watching “Gone With The Wind”

  18. dianne @ Haleyville says:

    Quiet mostly now…still some wind——but NOT lke it was Whew!!!!!

  19. Lindsey says:


  20. Jeff says:

    Just came home and had to drive around the world to get here. Power line and trees in the road at Hwy 119 and Caldwell Mill, North Shelby County.

  21. pcweatherwatcher says:

    The power flickered in Pell City didn’t go off. The wind blew one of the cart corrals at Wal MArt into a car. Blew away some of our carts. The roof top sign of Food Outlet was blown off. Tree dwn on drycreek road. Several things turned overat the carwash in front of Wal MArt.

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