More Prattville Damage

| February 18, 2008 @ 11:06 am | 4 Replies

Thanks to Mike Coleman for these images… he writes:


Here are some pictures from the Prattville tornado. These were sent to me from my family. Its amazing nobody was seriously hurt. I thought it was interesting how this storm took almost the exact same path as another storm did about 10 years ago. That storm damaged the Wal-Mart shopping center a little.”


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  1. Great photos, interesting it was well built homes.

  2. Leslie Cole says:

    My mother lives a little outside of Pratville, technically in Deatsville, but closer to the autauga county line. Does anyone know of any damage in that area?

  3. Chris Perry says:

    Deatsville is fine. Once the storm moved through Prattville, as best I can tell, the tornado dissipated right around I-65 then reformed about 2 miles east on highway 14 in Millbrook. Given that I saw no major structural damage in Millbrook (just a few shingles, a couple of trees down, and some mangled signs) I would guess it wasn’t more than an EF-0 so significantly weaker than what went through Prattville. It went just south of Deatsville so your mom would have been fine.

  4. Sheri Murray says:

    I have a friend that lives on Harvest Loop near Mcqueen smith Rd. does anyone know if there was damage in the specific area?

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