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Sounds like someone cooking bacon in the back yard…but it’s not breakfast time…

It’s sleet…

Lots of excitement across Central Alabama tonight as moisture moving into the area had produced some pretty significant sleet.

At 9:00 p.m. tonight, radar indicates light precipitation moving across parts of North and Central Alabama.

One main batch is over East Alabama, including some light sleet and light rain from Etowah and DeKalb Counties down through Calhoun County and then into Clay and Tallpoosa Counties. The best sleet, as indicated by bright echoes, is over Clay County. It is moving ENE.

Weakening precipitation is moving over Jefferson County, but I had moderate sleet at 8:40 and a temperature of 38.5F in Trussville.

Over West Alabama…impressive echoes indicating moderate to perhaps heavy sleet are over Northwest Alabama….covering much of Lamar and Fayette Counties. This activity is moving ENE also.

At Hamilton in Marion County, the temperature is 35F. With a dewpoint of 10F. Jasper has 38F with a dewpoint of 12F.

Further south, precipitation is increasing rapidly from about Demopolis on south, with some sleet indicated acrosss Marengo County.

Over much of the Tennessee Valley, readings are at or below freezing and sleet or snow will fall overnight.

We mention the temperature dewpoint spread because as the precipitation falls through the dry airmass, it cools the atmosphere through evaporation. The temperature will fall about 1/3 of the spread and the dew point will rise about 2/3 of the way until they meet at saturation. So, many places that are above freezing now may edge down to near freezing or below tonight, allowing for icing.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham continues a Winter Weather Advisory until 6 a.m. for Fayette, Lamar, Marion, Walker, Winston, Blount, Jefferson, St. Clair, Calhoun, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Etowah, Randolph and Talladega Counties.

Still looks like the weather is on track like we have been talking about all day.

A mixture of sleet, some snow, freezing rain and rain will continue to develop through the overnight hours. Conditions at your location will vary as the temperature changes. Sleet will occur at the beginning over areas where the temperature is not at freezing or below. It will change quickly to rain. The temperature then will fall until saturation occurs. If it is near freezing or below, freezing rain will occur which can quickly cause a glaze and significant travel problems. There cold be snow mixed in over the colder locations, especially over East Alabama and the Tennessee Valley.

Temperatures are expected to edge upward a bit later tongiht, especially over the more southern counties and conditions should not worsen any. Then temperatures will warm into the 30s tomorrow morning in most areas.

In a nutshell, the risk of any bridge or overpass icing will be mostly along a line from Lamar County, down across Jefferson County, then down across Talladega County into Randolph County in East-Central Alabama. Further north across the Tennessee Valley, most of the precipitation tonight will be in the form of sleet and snow and there could be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches accumulation across the valley.

Remember that bridges and overpasses will ice earlier than other road surfaces as air can get under the road surface and cool more quickly.

Please plan to get up early in the morning and check road and weather conditions before you head out…

We will be here throughout the night with the latest updates…

Some late reports…
…9:13 starting to sleet in Brilliant
…9:12 rain now in Reform
…9:10 sleet in Sumiton
…9:03 public report of light snow in Clay County
…8:57 light sleet in Ashville in St. Clair County…36F
…8:53 34 in Cordova in Walker County…with sleet reported at 9:02
…8:51 nothing yet in Altoona, but temperature 34.3, meaning they don’t have far to fall to freezing
…8:44 moderate sleet in western part of Trussville for past seven minutes
…8:42 light sleet temp 40F in Meadowbrook
…8:42 precipitation has changed to mostly light rain with a little sleet mixed in at Tuscaloosa
…8:41 light to moderate sleet had just begun at Greystone Farms in N Shelby County…temp 37/dewpoint 14
…8:36 sleet in Fayette with a temp of 38.3 and dewpoint of 16
…8:34 light sleet in Gardendale…but temperature has risen a degree to 38


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  1. JoshN says:

    Light sleet here in Attalla also. Wondering if there was a possible James sighting? Saw 2 ABC 33/40 vans off exit 181 in gadsden at a hotel…one was the storm chaser van. was hoping for an autograph since today was my b’day but they drove off before i could tell whether or not james was with the crew. happy snow hunting to all.

  2. Dan says:

    OK, here it is everyone….Sunday afternoon/night….can it happen? other birmingham weather stations are jumping on board this. It looks like the most promising model this close to the actual event this winter. what do you guys think?

  3. stormlover says:

    Just started to sleet mixed with rain ..1.5 miles west of downtown Hamilton..the hood of my truck has a complete glazed also. Bad thing is i have to work tonite..maybe

  4. Bill in Vigo says:

    evenin all high today in Vigo was a balmy 43 lol it is now 32.4 and dry. No precip as of yet. Have been helpin my soninlaw to replace a tran in his front wheel drive van. Don’t think I would ever own one if I had to work on it. Oh well not supposed to do any of that work anyway and will probably pay for it tomorrow.

    Bill Let er snow!!!

  5. Nana D says:

    Sleet in Arkadelphia in Southern Cullman County.

  6. tp64 says:


    are you ema?

  7. stormlover says:

    No im not Matt…im K4NWX..JUST A WEATHER Lover..Are you in Hamilton also?

  8. hoping for snow says:

    Thanks for explaining the rule about the temperature and dewpoints. I’m learning a lot tonight as I hope to see some kind of winter precip!

  9. tp64 says:

    Well, I live in Hamilton. But, work in Scottsboro

  10. debby says:

    light snow flurries in the tri-county area about 8:45, then some sleet, just now at 9:40 some heavy sleet..temp at 40. Temps have really fluctuated since I got home from church around 8 pm. Interesting night..hope ya’ll enjoy it, I’ve got to get some rest as I’m battling flu like symptoms from a chemical induced allergic reaction. Somebody where I work mixed cleaners together that shouldn’t have been and it got in the air, two of us besides the one that did it were affected.

  11. Snowfreak says:

    Light sleet in Addison in eastern Winston Co.

  12. Jeff Reynolds says:

    Moderate sleet now in central Gardendale off Mt. Olive Rd.

  13. Donald Burnett says:

    Moderate sleet now just north of Cordova (Walker Co) at intersection of Gardner’s Gin and Buttermilk Road. Temperature here at the moment is 35 degrees. I can hear the sleet falling, but it appears to be melting on impact. Atleast for the moment, until 32 is reached.

  14. Stephanie Honeycutt says:

    Hope you get to feeling better Debby – I just hope you aren’t coming down with the flu!!

  15. Dawn says:

    Lots of sleet here in Clay at 9:50pm. Come on snow!!!

  16. S G Lollar says:

    Sleeting in Haleyville and 33 degrees.

  17. Jeff Reynolds says:

    I am having trouble getting in the skywatcher chatroom. ehen I sign in I’m the only one in. This has happened before, and I can’t remember what I did to fix it. Can anyone help? Thanks!!

  18. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Sleet on 278 west of Cullman at 9:56.

  19. chris says:

    Sunday NAM look good to you Bill or still too far out to get hopes up?

  20. tp64 says:

    From the SkyCam in Hamilton, temp has went from 35 to 33 in the last 2 hours.

  21. i love snow says:


  22. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Sleet and light snow in Vinemont at 9:58

  23. S G Lollar says:

    the temp in Haleyville has also dropped 2 degrees in the last hour

  24. Danny says:

    Update from Denver. Snow forecast ‘bust’ in downtown Denver. ALL of the local stations and even the NWS had forecasted 2-4 inches of snow for the Denver metro area. But here at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver, we had less than 1 inch. The temp forecast was correct (only got up to 23), but the snow was WAY less than expected. It was still very pretty for the 30 minutes when the snow was heavy – but would have really liked to see what was forecast. Just goes to show you that even in this area of the country, they get the forecast wrong some times…..

  25. matthew rylee says:

    the gfs at 84 hrs has the precip way far to the south, so by it looks like we get nothing on sunday

  26. chris says:

    Well who says GFS is right? NAM has trough further back. Who says NAM is right? I think people use GFS as gospel because easiest to read to the common person, like myself. NAM on 3 straight runs has shown precip edging this way. Has to be at least looked as a possibilty. Canandian and GFS have waffled. It will be interesting to see that is for sure. Just don’t discount the NAM yet. Best hope lies in it.

  27. Rusty says:

    well I may be immagining things but i could have sworn that i heard thunder??? we have heavy sleet here in springville now with the temp at 36.9 and a dp of 17.5 here are some additional observations… from the NWS>…
    ATLANTA MOCLDY 38 12 34 E8 30.07F WCI 32
    ANNISTON CLOUDY 37 25 61 S3 30.09S
    BIRMINGHAM LGTSLEET 39 15 37 E6 30.06F WCI 35
    CHATTANOOGA CLOUDY 36 12 37 E5 30.09F WCI 32
    CORINTH CLOUDY 34 17 50 CALM 30.05S
    DALTON CLOUDY 32 21 64 CALM 30.09F
    GADSDEN CLOUDY 36 18 48 E5 30.06F WCI 32
    GOLDEN TRNGL CLOUDY 36 32 87 NE3 30.03F
    JACKSON TN CLOUDY 28 16 60 CALM 30.05S
    MEMPHIS FLURRIES 31 10 41 VRB5 30.06S WCI 26
    MURFREESBORO CLOUDY 28 10 46 E5 30.04F WCI 23
    NASHVILLE CLOUDY 30 14 51 SW7 30.07F WCI 23
    OXFORD MS CLOUDY 34 14 44 CALM 30.05R
    ROME CLOUDY 34 16 47 CALM 30.09S
    SAVANNAH CLOUDY 27 7 42 CALM 30.04F
    SELMER MOCLDY 28 10 46 CALM 30.03F
    TUPELO CLOUDY 36 12 37 E3 30.05F
    TUSCALOOSA CLOUDY 40 25 55 NE6 30.04F

  28. Jenny says:

    Anyone know the temps or conditions for Gadsden?

  29. Gina says:

    32.9 @ Nauvoo, Walker Co. with light rain/sleet mix.

  30. chris says:

    THE WEEKEND: We can promise cold weather for the weekend; the chance of precipitation is a bit up in the air due to a very difficult weather pattern involving the interaction of the Polar jet stream, which is delivering the very cold air, and the southern branch of the jet, which brings in occasional pieces of energy. The computer models really struggle with this pattern, and often we really don’t see waves in the southern stream coming until they show up on satellite images. Some late data coming into our office as I write this is now suggesting the possibility of snow across Central Alabama Saturday night into Sunday morning, mainly along and south of I-20. This is a very real possibility, but we really need to get today’s system on to the east before we can address the weekend system with any confidence. Just be aware of the fact that another winter weather threat is possible for parts of Alabama over the weekend.
    And, yet another shot of Arctic air invades the state early next week; we might have a tough time reaching the freezing mark on Monday. And, early morning lows are headed for the low to mid teens by Monday and Tuesday morning. Beyond that, there is some hint in a mid-week storm system to deal with, but needless to say there is no way to resolve details right now.

    Just off the press from James. So don’t give up hope yet.

  31. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Still sleet and light snow at 10:09 here in Vinemont. It is still 33 degrees.

  32. tp64 says:


    SkyCam shows temp 36, DP 10

    This location is on a hill and on a tower

  33. matthew rylee says:

    well, i hope the nam is correct and the gfs is wrong with the winter weather. i wanna see some snow here in T-Town this year

  34. Dan says:

    haha wouldn’t it just be the irony of the season if montgomery had snow and not birmingham?

  35. Rusty says:

    Dan It wouldnt be the first time it went south of the Bham area…

  36. JonH says:

    Heavy sleet falling in Oneonta at 10:20pm. 34 degrees.

  37. Shanna says:

    WOOHOO this is fun!! Let it snow…snow dance…snow dance!!!!!!

  38. tp64 says:

    WAFF in Huntsville reports heavy snow on I65 north of Cullman

  39. it's here says:

    Well at 9:12pm i noticed a few flurries. At 9:30 the sleet started to come down pretty quick. I was able to pick up a hand full and so it to my son (needless to say he wanted nothing to do with it lol). I live between Hamilton and Haleyville on 278. It looks kinda nice but I hope it doesn’t get bad.

  40. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Light snow in Vinemont at 10:30. No sleet.

  41. mingo says:

    I am so jealous!! I am in Riverchase and there is nothing going on at my house. I would love to hear or see a little sleet or something. I love the idea of a little break from the early morning drive and going in later. I work on 280 so I am a little close, but I know that I will have nothing but rain.

    I do have high hopes for this weekend and next week! We will see!

    BTW…I am loving James Spann on Rick and Bubba. He is a hoot and it is so nice to hear him laugh and cut up. Include the rest of the team too…..Brian Peterson and Jason. They are so much fun, too!

  42. Rusty says:

    well I dont know about everyone else, but I have noticced a quicker drop in temperature over the past hour… …Now down to 35.9 here in springville with sleet still falling… My question for the weather team. I Know that the warm air convection will warm up the atmosphere in higher levels as the moisture comes in from the gulf, and I understand evaporational cooling. I also know that when we get snow or ice on the ground , the temperatures have a harder time gaing back up… I know cold air falls and warm air rises…. what is the chance of this sleet causing the temperature to fall even further than expected.. I can remember the Ice storm in the early 80’s and that was a short warning ice storm… Just a question…

  43. Nana D says:

    sleet heavy in Southern cullman county. Arkadelphia/ Temp33

  44. Bill Murray says:

    Hey Rusty…two processes will be at work…

    Evaporational cooling will cool temperatures until air is saturated…but eventually warm air advection will overcome it and edge us upward overnight and in the morning.

    I remember a great snow in January 83 that was all accomplished by cold air aloft that produced snow and became self-perpetuating as the evaporational cooling kept it going…ended up nice 2-4 inch snow…

  45. snow day says:

    Sleeting in Hokes Bluff

  46. Rusty says:

    Thank you Bill … I am sitting here watcing the #s closely here in springville and we are currently at 34.9 and 57% humidity with a dewpoint of 21.7….so there will be some additional evaporative cooling into the night… or early morning… Thanks and God Bless……

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