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| January 31, 2007 @ 10:39 pm | 40 Replies

Thanks to the ABC3340 Skywatcher network for all the great reports tonight…a short time ago there were 43 certified Skywatchers participating in our instant message room…unbeatable data…hats off to you all…

Some reports…
…9:31 pm…light sleet Greystone Farms N Shelby County
…9:32 pm…39/17 in Alabaster
…9:36 pm…39.9/26 in Tuscaloosa (see the dewpoint coming up?) with light rain
…9:37 pm…light rain…36/31 Hueytown…sleeting for 30 minutes there
…9:41 pm…Sleet reported in Weaver
…9:44 pm…Fayette 34/26
…9:45 pm…Hamilton 33.4/15.2
…9:45 pm…Remlap light sleet 35
…9:47 pm…Brilliant in Marion County 32/20
…9:51 pm…Brierfield…38 and light rain
…9:54 pm…Oxford…light sleet and rain mix for 30 minutes
…9:59 pm…Alabaster…39/23 precip had stopped, another report 38/18 in Alabaster
…9:59 pm…Temperature had fallen to 32 just north of Hamilton
…10:02 pm…Springville…light to moderate sleet accumulatin gon tops of cars…trafiic slowing a bit
…10:02 pm…West Trussville…34/18
…10:08 pm…Glencoe…36.5F with sleet
…10:09 pm…Remlap…33F heavy sleet snow mix…deck covered
…10:20 pm…Altoona…33.8…no precip yet
…10:24 pm…Birmingham…38/20
…10:27 pm…”coming down pretty good in Arab” according to NWS HUN
…10:31 pm…Sumiton…sleeting…temp 37…fell two degrees last hour…

Winter Weather Advisories for all counties in North and Central Alabama including and north of Lamar… Fayette… Walker… Jefferson… St. Clair… Talladega…
Clay and Randolph Counties…goes until 6 a.m. for North Central Counties and 9 a.m. for Tennessee Valley Counties…

Scroll down for a look at expected conditions across North and Central Alabama overnight.


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Bill Murray is the President of The Weather Factory. He is the site’s official weather historian and a weekend forecaster. He also anchors the site’s severe weather coverage. Bill Murray is the proud holder of National Weather Association Digital Seal #0001 @wxhistorian

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  1. G says:

    A bunch of rain here.

  2. Matt in Montgomery says:

    At 10:55, I’ve got light rain falling with a temperature of 44 here in Montgomery.

  3. i love snow says:


  4. Greg Moore says:

    Just got back to a computer. Drove across town earlier – began sleeting in Tarrant about 8:30. Stayed in sleet to Wildwood where it turned to a rain sleet mix and then finally to all rain after crossing the mountain at Alford Ave. It is now just raining in Hoover at 11:00. Don’t have temps.

  5. Ryne says:

    In jasper we have had a temp of 35 most of the night with sleet and rain, now it has dropped to 34 with sleet and rain, the ice is takin a while to melt here recently when it hits the ground, i believe the evaporative cooling is taking place

  6. Jake says:

    Not to try and rub it in with all ya’ll Birmingham area folk but….
    light snow just started falling in Madison (Just West of Huntsville)

  7. Kim Beasley says:

    Smokerise is now 36 and has went in the last hour in a half from sleet to sleet mixed with snow. Stay Safe All! Kim

  8. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Moderate sleet and snow at 11 in Vinemont.

  9. Bill in Vigo says:

    Sleet started here in Vigo right at 11:00pm temp is 34 and almost calm…… seems to be a little snow mixed in but very mostly sleet. Also thought i might have heard a little thunder in the distance but might have been something else


  10. HCW says:

    Snow in Cullman and Florence now … Very light

  11. CB Clements says:

    In Helena in Shelby County, 11pm finds us at 35.8F with mostly rain.

  12. Rhonda in Brilliant says:

    Sleet is accumalating on the cars and porches here in Brilliant, we cant wait to see whats in store for us! Stay safe everyone

  13. HCW says:

    Boaz AL reporting light snow now 36F

  14. Nana D says:

    Saw some light snow mixed with sleet southern cullman county.

    Some accumalation on cars and steps and little on the ground, ice crystals theat is not snow.

    Who was right about a winter weather event, even though small and short in duration, I think we can call this an event.

    Good work James ,as always I’ll being listening and watching, everybody be safe and keep warm.

  15. Rusty says:

    Well I guess it is time to go out into the springville area and take a look at the road conditions and se how its going down in town… I will ck some measurements down in downtown Springville at the 4 way and report back in a while… Rusty

  16. Derek says:

    Moderate snow is now falling at my location about 5 miles north of Eva. The temperature has dropped from 33.1 to 32.5 in the last few minutes. I’ve really been enjoying watching my dog, Charlie, trying to catch the snowflakes as they fall. 🙂

  17. Matt says:

    Lot of Sleet in Jacksonville

  18. HCW says:

    Why are my post not showing up ? Do you not want reports from hams ?

  19. Nana D says:

    I’m jealous Derek wish it would snow more down here about 25 miles south of Cullman.

  20. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Derek, you must be in the Oden Ridge community. I’m at 32.5 here in Vinemont with light snow and sleet.

  21. HCW says:

    Boaz AL reporting light snow now 36F

    Snow in Cullman and Florence now … Very light

    Not sure why my last 5 post didn’t show up but hopefully things are back to normal

  22. Don says:

    If anyone gets any accumulating snow, send in some pictures.

  23. Mike Wilhelm says:

    This radar from Huntsville is doing a good job showing what’s heading toward Cullman Co.

  24. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Bill, I haven’t been able to log onto GAIM so I’m posting here. Hope that’s ok…

  25. dave says:

    34 with sleet accumalating on cars and decks in kocust fork

  26. Ryne says:

    Jasper started out with sleet around 9, turned to rain at 10, now back to sleet at 11:30, temp 34

  27. Mike Wilhelm says:

    The NWS site at the Cullman Airport in Vinemont was reporting partly cloudy and 36 a few minutes ago. They are only a few miles from where I live. Now they say 36 with light snow. They are right about the snow, but it’s 32.4 here and there is no way it is 36 there.

  28. Jennifer says:

    It was sleeting pretty heavy about 30 minutes ago here on Noccalula Mountain. Now the sleet is light and mixed with SNOW FLURRIES!!! And just as I am typing this, I can hear the sleet picking up outside. Sounds like its really coming down now……

  29. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Jennifer, exactly where is Noccalula Mtn?

  30. HCW says:

    Vinemount is now reporting snow and 36 F

  31. HCW says:

    HCW Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 31st, 2007 at 11:26 pm
    Boaz AL reporting light snow now 36F

    Snow in Cullman and Florence now … Very light

    Not sure why my last 5 post didn’t show up but hopefully things are back to normal

  32. Rusty says:

    well I have made my long track into downtown Springville.. Haha , and there was a 1.3 degree difference between the 4 way in Sprinville and my site on top of simmons Mountain.. I also had to cross a bridge going up mountain view drive and no icing problems yet, but when I got home , there was ice accumulated on the car … well the temp here now is 34.9 amd at the 4 way it was 36.2….I noticed the Finest Springville officers all out at the Exon at the corner. They are on top of things… No Donuts in hand …. haha…

  33. Cameron says:

    Here in Glencoe it is sleeting VERY HARD. It started out mixed with some decent sized snow flakes, but is now all sleet.

  34. Cameron says:

    Noccalula Mtn is in Gadsden by the way!

  35. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Heavy sleet, no snow mixed, and 32.0 in Vinemont at 11:45. Accumulating on elevated surfaces, melting slowly on roads.

  36. Bill Murray says:

    Thanks for the reports everyone…appreciate you getting them to us Mike…

  37. Bobcee says:

    Mainly light rain, some sleet can be seen bouncing on deck area. Looks as if northern Bibb County will see some freezing rain tonight. Temp dropping nicely towards forecasted lows. Light wind (less than 5 mph) accompanying the precip/rain. I show 37 degrees with light northernly breeze.

    Earlier this evening, kids at the local store praying for a “foot of snow” … Looks as if the local moms and dads have talked themselves into buying ample supplies of milk and bread. Shelves looked a bit empty for mid-week…

    Wonder why milk and bread? An Alabama axiom –> Snow/frozen precip = Milk and Bread … I spent a winter in northern Michigan just after my college days and nobody understood the milk/bread reference. Must be an Alabama thing.

    As far as this weekend goes, things had better shape up or I’m guessing another non-event. The model data I’ve looked at don’t support too much to get excited about — right now. The old “moisture door” needs opening in the Gulf. Having said that, we’ve seen low after low form up in the northern Gulf so far this year, gotta believe we’ll see it happen again this weekend.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Hi Mike,
    Noccalula Mountain is in Gadsden/Etowah County. It’s part of the Lookout Mountain chain. If you have never been here, you definitely need to. Noccalula Falls park is alot of fun. The waterfall this time of year is beautiful, and even better in the spring. There’s campgrounds, cabins, wildlife exhibits, etc.

  39. Derek says:

    Yeah Mike, that’s exactly where I am at. 🙂

  40. Treno says:

    ..Rather helpful information you have here. Grazie!

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